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About us

Our Story

From our beginnings in Germany, we’ve always had our eye on the future, following the everyday adventurer as they work, trip and travel across the world.

History of Melia

From humble beginnings in mid-century Mallorca, the Melia hotels family has grown to include more than 375 hotels, across 43 countries and 4 continents. Endless opportunities to explore, roam, and discover.

History of INNSiDE

Founded in 1993, INNSiDE quickly made a name for itself in Germany as a pioneer of lifestyle hotels, blurring the boundaries between work and play. When Melia Hotels International acquired the brand in 2007, we started to stretch our legs, opening in New York, Yogyakarta, and across Europe.
With a focus on bleisure, and an understanding that a work trip isn’t all work, INNSiDE has always been in tune to how our guests think, feel, and travel – whether they’re on the road for business, or booking in a beach break.
This has led to our next exciting adventure, as we bring a the sunshine of Sol to the never-miss-a-moment spirit of INNSiDE. We knew that for our audience, bleisure had evolved – so we needed to evolve to. Rather than work and play, or play and work, our audience want to flex seamlessly between the two as they travel the world. And who says you can’t do business by the beach?
So we’ve brought all the big-city style of INNSiDE to select beach destinations, allowing our audience to switch off, relax, and tune out – without ever truly disconnecting.

Stay Curious

To enrich the everyday experience, with thoughtful touches backed up by big ideas. With an accessible range of lifestyle hotels in divere and distinctive locations. Enabling the curious, savvy, and young (or young at heart), to move from work, to leisure, to wellbeing. Giving them the flexibility and freedom to be themselves, inside and out, and allow life to unfold.


Our world is a wonder to explore, roam, and discover. But we’ve got to do our bit to keep it that way. So we’re full of little twists that are good for the planet, and good for you.
Like cutting out single-use paper and plastic, and filling up on local treats and tipples. Or supplying organic, sustainable bed linens and towels, and partnering with organisations that have got the planet in mind.
Got a tip on how we can do more? Let us know here.